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Jonathan Herman has been practicing personal injury law in Georgia since 2013 and in New York since 2007. He started learning the inner workings of handling auto accident claims while interning with his dad in New York. He started practicing in Georgia and has successfully secured six and seven figure settlements for his clients.
The distinct difference between our law firm and firms that boast hundreds of attorneys is who you retain vs who you get. There will not be multiple case manager switches or attorney changes because he handles the case from inception to conclusion.
The support staff is not a revolving door that people experience in large scale firms. All cases handled on a contingency fee basis so that there will be no outlay of legal fees since it comes out of the final compensation.
Equally important is that we have developed relationships with a multitude of health providers to treat you from chiropractors, orthopedics or physical therapists. All of these providers will wait until conclusion of the case to receive payment. We will negotiate a reduction of medical or hospital bills at the conclusion of the case where it is needed.
We will come to visit you at the hospital or your home to avoid you having to travel right after the trauma of being involved in an accident.
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